Styling a ListView with a Horizontal ItemsPanel and a Header

I had to create a specific ListView for my WPF project. A Horizontal alignment of items, with a header column, containing a templated item with a templated checkbox. The final effect looks like this:

If we decompose the panel, here are the elements:
Black box: ListView with Template containing a Grid with 2 columns
Red box: The Header column in the ListView template on Grid.Column=”0″
Yellow box: The ListView item panel (ItemsPresenter) located on Grid.Column=”1″ containing an templates ItemsPanelTemplate which is a StackPanel with an Orientation=”Horizontal”.
Green box: The ListView’s ItemTemplate which is a StackPanel with an Orientation=”Vertical” containing a TextBlock with a RotateTransform LayoutTransform and a Templated Checkbox which uses an Ellipse as it’s main shape.

<ListView ItemsSource="{Binding OpUnitList}" Grid.Row="1" Name="FilterListBox">
     <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" IsItemsHost="True">
     <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical">
       <TextBlock Text="{Binding OpUnitName}" Width="60" Margin="2">
           <RotateTransform Angle="-90"/>
       <CheckBox IsChecked="{Binding FilterValue}" Name="RgDot" IsThreeState="True" Style="{StaticResource EllipseCheckBoxStyle}"/>
     <Grid HorizontalAlignment="Left"> 
         <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto"></ColumnDefinition>
         <ColumnDefinition Width="*"></ColumnDefinition>
       <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical" Grid.Column="0">
         <TextBlock Margin="2" Height="60">OpUnit Name</TextBlock>
         <TextBlock Margin="2">Filter</TextBlock>
       <ItemsPresenter Grid.Column="1"></ItemsPresenter>