Darkest Dungeon – A visit to the Weald – Part 1

The Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter is inspiring me.

The Weald are the twisted woods in which I might finally find a clue as to where my sister disappeared to. I have been on her trail for months now, drawn to this Estate like a moth to the flame. Throughout the land, forces have been gathering these last months, rumors about the Master Clarke’s return to his estate have been running wild and even the last day’s events have conspired to bring me here.

From what I have gathered in the Hamlet, the Weald is no place to venture alone, even for one used to such danger as I. So I have joined up with other travelers and mercenaries that have all made the journey to the estate and at daybreak, we will head to the Weald. Officially, our mission there is to find where a wagon of supplies has disappeared to, but I have no interest in that. I now know that the Coven in these woods has gathered their followers over the last months and are preparing a ritual. I must find out more about their whereabouts and how to stop them, only then will I be able to find my sister Eolene and bring her back.

As we gather in the morning, we are given our instructions. The plan is to search the eastern border of the Weald, first to find the place where the wagon was taken into the woods, and then to follow it’s trail. We have three days of supplies with us, but I do not expect us to be that long.

I haven’t paid much attention to my companions till now, I have joined up with two rougher looking men and one of the blue painted women from the Pagan East. One of the men, I gather, is a bounty hunter, specializing in capturing fugitives, and I am hoping we can use his skills to subdue and interrogate anyone we capture from the Coven. The other man looks untrustworthy, his garb of a loose coat and a scarf he keeps wound against his neck and face make me believe that without those, we might recognize the face from a Wanted poster. Maybe this is why the bounty hunter is here? As for the woman, she has yet to utter a word since we left.

By Midday, we have found our first goal, by skirting the edge of the woods, we have come upon tracks where the Weald’s undergrowth has be broken and crushed by a wagon’s wheels. The wagon must have been traveling unwisely close to make the hamlet before nightfall. A short search reveals what we already expected, none of the handlers survived the encounter, their broken bodies were stuffed among the roots of the trees. Examining them brought us only more questions, their bodies were covered in lacerations from vines and their necks were bruised and broken. What killed these men? Whatever killed them must still be interested in money, since their pockets had been emptied and anything of value has gone.

I have finally learned the name of my companions and it was as easy as pulling nails from a hardwood coffin. Regis, the bounty hunter was first to give up his name, followed by what I assume is an alias from the Highwayman, Eivind, which sounds to be a name of the north, unlike his appearance. Finally, the woman did uttered her name, Kara. Soon, we will be walking into the Coven’s lands and face whatever they have summoned to serve them and I will have to trust my companions with my life. But what other choice do I have?

We carefully make our way into the Weald, Regis taking the lead to examine the trail. He soon commented on one set of tracks which are definitely human. The trees close in us and quickly the sun is blotted out, leaving only a slight eerily green light filtering through the canopy above…