Emotes on iPhones iOS5

To use the emoticon collection present on the iPhone, you must install a new keyboard using the language “Emoji”. When you switch to that Emoji keyboard (using the planet key next to the numerical keypad switch), the keyboard turns to a collection of emotes to choose from.

Here’s how: On the iPhone you must go to Settings -> General -> International -> Keyboards and add the Emoji keyboard. Then it’s as if you were switching language while typing in iOS.

Apple apps – Remote

Remote is one of these apps that apple has put up on their AppStore without really putting it forwards, it’s not even on their Apps by Apple page. But it is an amazing addition to your iPhone.

You can control your iTunes library from the comfort of your phone. Away from the computer? No problem, you can still switch tracks, pause or change the volume.

A wonderful little app, free.

iTunes U – Interesting courses

I just downloaded the iTunes U app for my iPhone and the first course I got into was the iPhone and iPad application development from Stanford. I find it an excellent primer for an initial foray into the world of iOS development and also an overview of the possibilities of the Xcode development environment.

Checkout the lecture on Xcode and source code management to see how well Xcode and Git are integrated. It makes my visual studio seem like tools from a distant past.

Has anyone got other suggestions for good courses to follow?

Awesomenote and Evernote

A fantastic feature of Awesomenote is that it synchronizes with both Evernote and Google docs. This means your notes follow you to every platform and device you can imagine or access the net with.

In Evernote, your notes appear without any of the Awesomenote backgrounds, but with a short amount of metadata at the bottom of the note.

Once sync is setup, it is one button press away. Ensuring you are always backed up and accessible.

One app that changes the iPhone

I have started to use AwesomeNote (or aNote) and I really have to say, it is amazing. It really feels like it brings functionalities that were simply not available in the base Calendar, Note and Email applications.

I have been using it to create a personal diary, and the app makes it easy to insert pictures taken with the camera into a note and associate it with a location (restaurants, shops, …). It would seem like an evident idea to be able to link locations with notes, but sadly the standard apps dont seem to agree.

Now even when creating an Email, I first prepare it in awesomeNote (for things like adding multiple pictures with descriptions, or maps with annotations) before using the Send by Email function which generates an HTML page and then exports it to the iPhones native mail application.

And I still havent said anything about the rest of what it can do. If you dont have it, try it.