KML File structure

I needed to make a KML suitable for reading in Google Earth. Here’s the template:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
<NetworkLinkControl> <!-- Set minimum refresh to 3 minutes -->
<!-- Definition des styles du KML -->
<Style id="My_Style1">
 <IconStyle> <Icon> <href>ball.png</href> </Icon></IconStyle> <!-- Transparent PNG must be in same folder on server -->
<Style id="My_Style2">
 <IconStyle> <Icon> <href>ball2.png</href> </Icon></IconStyle>
<name>Patrouille des glaciers</name>
<Placemark><name>Dossard 1</name>
<description>Echo, Foxtrot, Golf</description>
<Placemark><name>Dossard 2</name>
<description>Alpha, Bravo, Charlie</description>
<styleUrl>#My_Style2</styleUrl> <!-- Styles must be defined-->

The minRefreshPeriod indicates to Google Earth not to load the KML file too often when a network link is directed to it.